As the DeepTech Switzerland Foundation, we are therefore dedicated to supporting start-ups and scale-ups with exceptional potential for growth in the Deep Tech Nation Switzerland industry. We are committed to bringing innovations to market, creating jobs for highly qualified professionals and generating added value that benefits not only Switzerland but also society as a whole in the long run.

Deep Tech Nation Switzerland Foundation goal

Switzerland aims to become one of the world’s leading Deep Tech nations by 2030. To achieve this, we are committed to mobilizing CHF 50 billion in venture capital, which will pave the way for Swiss Deep Tech start-ups and scale-ups to create 100,000 jobs

These conditions are perfect for creating a flywheel effect that involves the entire innovation ecosystem with all relevant stakeholders, including education, start-ups, scale-ups, investors, companies and policymakers, thus setting a national movement in motion.

The aim is always to create value in Switzerland as a leading innovation nation and to ensure Switzerland’s competitiveness both now and in the future.

The Deep Tech Nation Switzerland book

To remain competitive in the international arena, Switzerland needs to ensure a high degree of technological independence. Dominique Mégret, author of the book “Deep Tech Nation” and a seasoned venture capital expert, set this debate in motion with worrying statements – based on the historical entrepreneurial values that made Switzerland rich over the last 100 years. He emphasizes the strategic importance of venture capital for building the Switzerland of tomorrow and calls for the mobilization of the country’s resources as well as targeted technology initiatives.